About us


My name is Sally Kelso, the designer and creator of flæx.

I am a mother of 4 and live in the country town of Inverell on the slopes of northern NSW.

Tony, my freelance archaeologist / historian partner, is the other member of the flæx team.

flæx grew from a dream, to an idea, into reality very quickly.

It was time to make a lifestyle change -  time to grasp hold of my own destiny!


flæx was born

Our beautiful old weatherboard home, with its abundant garden, has become a stimulating environment for the creative flæx to flourish.

It provides such a conducive atmosphere to work in each day and is a huge reason for my continued inspiration.


flæx was launched in November, 2016. It was a big scary step!

I had the work ethic, ideas and determination but had to become a risk taker and push all my boundaries to the extreme – a huge learning curve.

My first creations were made from an old sheet after sketching and drafting the pattern on to brown paper. When I was confident enough, I outlaid on some linen and cut in!

flæx was born!



Since the burst of inspiration, flæx has slowly gained momentum.

To launch flæx we held an evening of champagne and linen in our garden.

The combination of flæx designed garments in linen, silk, and leather along with a collection of curiosities and collectables; a charming setting – old house in a tranquil garden, bubbles, food and friendship created a magical and highly successful event.

We were overwhelmed with upwards of 120 people attending. With such interest and positive feedback the inspiration to “push on” was compelling.

flæx has steadily grown in its first 12 months. We have now held several functions and regular “pop up” shops in Brisbane.

Recently flæx has been invited to exhibit garments on the catwalk of the 2018 Sydney Royal Easter Show Fashion Parade – a huge honour for such a fledgling enterprise.

In the workshop

I love to work with natural, handmade and vintage materials.

There is nothing more exciting and rewarding then starting the day with a soulless stiff piece of fabric on the roll and finishing the day with a garment that you have sketched, designed, cut and stitched – a piece of clothing that has character and qualities -  something individual and beautiful - something someone else chooses to wear.


It’s all about the story......

It is not only linen (although it does dominate) that is produced in the flæx workshop. I have created a range of leather bags displaying the continued theme of simplicity and style,  believing that the design, quality of craftsmanship and raw materials are the features of the product.

Functional tote bags with leather handles from French vintage linen mangle cloth and Hungarian grain sacks are also designed in the workshop. These items are extra special given the fabrics unique provenance.  

“Belt it Out” is another facet of the flæx workshop. These limited edition eclectic handmade belts and buckles, are the result of serious “digging” in all parts of the globe for suitable unique braids and textiles.

Each belt has a story to tell – perhaps from a houseboat in Kashmir or an alleyway in Spain. Most of these pieces can never be repeated. They are often hand embroidered and feature craftsmanship and qualities that have been lost in todays world.


Where to now......

Sketching, designing, drafting, cutting, sewing, stitching, marketing and retailing each item is no longer possible by me alone. I have engaged and outsourced some of these jobs to local tradespeople and other experts in their fields to allow flæx to continue and grow.


It is of paramount importance to me that flæx continues to engage in ethically made products with a strong commitment to our environment.